11 Benefits Of Routing Software For Your Waste Collection Business

Route planning is more than just connecting dots in the map.

With the advancement of technology, companies can now optimally choose routes, and avoid stress-inducing traffic situations. This enhancement offers quite a lot of advantages, especially to businesses that involve a lot of logistics — for example, waste collection firms.

The past years have witnessed many players in this sector resort to automation tools like waste collection routing software. If you think shifting to this technologically-advanced method is resource-consuming, think twice again — you are missing out on a lot of benefits! Here are 11 of them:

Plan more quickly

Did you know that using a routing software can reduce your planning time by as much as 20 percent? As the tool now takes on the job of calculating route optimization algorithms, you can save lots of hours in your day-to-day operations.

Identify better routes

Besides quickly coming up with a route plan, this type of software can also pinpoint routes that are more cost-effective. This advantage will ultimately lead to accomplishing more logistics-related tasks within the day.

Avoid unfamiliar routes

By choosing better routes, your drivers can now avoid unfamiliar roads and thoroughfares. They won’t have to worry about encountering one-way streets or difficult u-turn slots.

Keep drivers safe from bad weather conditions

Reports show that during the rainy season, road accidents increase by almost 200 percent. While no one can actually accurately predict the weather, the software uses anticipated weather conditions to come up with the most viable route area and travel date.

Keep track of your drivers’ location

Using a waste collection routing software comes handy if you want to get a real-time update of the location of your fleet. Monitoring their exact whereabouts can help you inform your customers about your vehicle’s estimated time of arrival.

Safely arrive at the correct location

A route optimization software is a reliable tool if you want to guarantee the safe arrival of your fleet in their respective locations — thanks to their features like identifying secure routes and real-time monitoring.

Improve customer service

As you have an immediately available data of your fleet’s performance on the road, you can guarantee your customers the prompt arrival of your drivers and waste collection vehicles.

Avoid costly legal hassles

Let your drivers avoid violating traffic regulations by laying out a plan that uses accurate routes. A vehicle route planning software features an up-to-date map that will help you with this matter.

Keep track of your expenses

Not only can you monitor your fleet while they’re on the road, but you can also keep track of fuel expenses and more using a waste collection routing software.

Reduce overall expenses

Optimizing route plans translates to reduced overall expenses — from fuel, maintenance to overhead costs. With the elimination of efficiencies (and their respective expenses), you can now ensure an increase in your profits.

Increase productivity

With your drivers making the most out of their time n the road, your business can now enjoy the increased productivity you’ve long wished for. Avoid unnecessarily long breaks, reach your customers more quickly, and cut down expenses by using a routing software today.

Let Route Optimization Consultants show you how a waste collection routing software can save your waste collection business from being a mess. Contact us today for more info!

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