5 B2B Service Business Ideas to Consider


If you are finally starting a business this year, we suggest that you consider offering B2B services. Rather than selling to individual customers, your buyers are other businesses. You will have a smaller customer pool but that does not mean that profitability is compromised. If you have no idea on the best B2B service to consider, read on and learn from our recommendations. 

  • Laundry 

With the commercial laundry equipment offered by companies like Continental Girbau, you can build a top-notch laundry business. Your customers include hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities, restaurants, and spas, among others. Some of these businesses have in-house laundry, but this is often difficult to maintain and manage, aside from being expensive. With this, they consider outsourcing laundry services instead, and this is where your business can enter the picture. 

Thinking of building your own commercial laundry facility? Get in touch with Continental Girbau and they can supply not only laundry vending equipment but also helps in marketing and financing, among other aspects of business operations. 

  • Business Consultancy 

Get started in consulting if you have the expertise in giving valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The good thing is that this business idea is not labor and capital intensive. You can do it even on your own and at the comfort of your own home. Consultancy can be done through phone or in person, depending on which is more convenient for the client. This works best for those who are already successful in their entrepreneurial ventures to serve as an inspiration to other businesses.  

  • Digital Marketing 

In this digital age, an online presence is essential for business success. With this, another B2B service that you can offer is digital marketing. This will help businesses to cement their reputation in the online world and reach their target market. It encompasses a broad set of activities, including social media and email marketing. It also includes website design, and even search engine optimization. There are many tools available online, as well as certifications, which will help you become an authority figure in the field of digital marketing. 

  • Catering Service 

No, we are not talking about food catering at weddings, birthdays, and other special celebrations. Rather, we are talking about the kind of catering service wherein your patrons are also businesses, including hospitals, schools, and airlines, among others. To succeed in this industry, the focus should be on the freshness and taste of the food that you serve. 

  • Mobile App Development 

This is another B2B idea that is promising in this digital era. People are always on their phones. With this, smartphones present the perfect platform to reach your target audience. You can help businesses develop mobile apps that will serve as their e-commerce stores or as a channel to distribute marketing materials. 

If you have always dreamed of building your own business, now is the time to make it a reality. Consider our suggestions above if you want to serve other businesses as against individual consumers. From industrial laundry to mobile application development, these ideas are promising in terms of their profitability. 

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