5 Better Ways to Promote Peace As an Individual

Violence is almost everywhere. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are more than 1.3 million crime cases last 2016, which is rampant compared to the past ten years. However, the worst part of violence comes from home, where parents are ruthlessly punishing their kids for bad habits. The question is, how can we promote peace as a person?


It is an essential part of communicating with others and the way on how we can express our feelings towards them. Having a small conversation improves the bond of a mother-son or father-son relationship. Also, it avoids other people to keep a secret on you, which means that they trust you.

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Stop Addiction

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse statistics, more than $740 billion drug-related items are sold to people. With these significant numbers, millions of people have an addiction to drugs. Drug users always have a conflict with lots of people, blaming them for the bad things that are happening to them.

That is why it is crucial that if you know someone who is being addicted to drugs, alcohol and other related stuff is to help them. As much as possible, stop it before the time comes.

Stay away from gangs and other violence related stuff

In National Gang Center’s article, there was more than fifty percent of crimes in America are gang concerned, which is very alarming. It is also the reason why fraternities, sororities, and other co-related organizations are formed so that they have a family and whenever someone touches them, there will always be a payback.

Even though you cannot hurt a people with brute force, sometimes bad things can happen in the least time you can expect it. Always remember that people around you can affect and influence you.


According to No Bullying’s statistics, there is more than 90 percent of teens in America commits suicide and more than 85 percent of males who aged 19 years old is experiencing cyberbullying.

Sometimes, teasing a person so much is not good. Even though our primary purpose is just to make fun of them, it continually happens that they are getting pissed about it. Let’s admit it, not all jokes are right, and we need to be cautious in every action that we do.

Calming Methods

Sometimes we do not have any chills whenever someone is rebutting at you, but we must accept that life is merely brutal. A simple inhale exhale technique can change the pace of your mood. People sometimes jump to conclusions, which is an unhealthy attitude. In that case, this is where the word “open-minded” starts, try to understand the people you are currently talking and always talk calmly whatever the tone of the person’s voice.

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