5 Tools Everyone in the Penguin Recovery Service Industry Should Be Using

Each penalty that you receive through the Google Penguin system puts your website (and overall online presence) at risk. As you strive to generate more traffic and organic exposure with your brand’s website and online posts, these penalties can potentially destroy your online reputation and overall presence much sooner than you may realize. As you focus on repairing the damage and restoring your reputation, here are 5 popular tools within the world of Penguin recovery service that you should consider using right away.


By using the Majestic tool, you will have direct access to an abundance of relevant information – including a summary of your website. Quite a few users enjoy the backlink history chart generated by the tool and the fact that you can examine anchor text distribution and other elements that are part of your overall backlink composition. This specific tool relies of citation flow and trust flow to discern the quality of your links, which means you can identify spam links within your website.

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With Ahrefs, you have access to a substantial link database updated on a regular basis. Entering your URL allows you to generate an inbound links report. You can sort that report either by Ahrefs rank or anchor texts and even organize the links accordingly to ease the burden of long-term management. Ahrefs makes it easy to determine if a backlink is bad by searching for new links on the website and tracking any relevant changes to your traffic based on specific keywords.

Cognitive SEO

Another tool used frequently for Penguin recovery service purposes is known as Cognitive SEO. You can analyze each of your backlinks and determine if they are “unnatural”, “suspected” or “OK.” With this tool, you can also classify each of your links by origin and value in addition to providing standard visualizations that reflect the quality (or lack thereof) of each of your inbound links.

Link Detox

If your online presence has already been damaged by multiple penalties from past offenses, it is imperative for you to consider using Link Detox. This tool makes it quick and easy for you to establish and update a problem-free link profile. Link Detox uses over 20 different sources to calculate a risk score that applies to each of your individual backlinks. Each link is also classified as Toxic, Suspicious or Healthy which allows you to identify which links to keep and which to delete as soon as possible.

Google Tools

Since Google is the source of the penalizations, it is highly recommended for you to at least consider using their Penguin recovery service tools. For instance, the Google Search console allows you and your team of webmasters to communicate directly with Google. This makes it possible for you to get the best and most accurate insight since you will receive feedback from the source of the penalizations and can verify the ownership of your website directly with Google without having to go through unnecessary channels and “middlemen” before reaching them.

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