A Simple Guide to Branded Clothing for Exhibitions

Branded clothing can massively benefit your business and this is particularly true when it comes to getting kitted out in your work clothes at an exhibition.

Although wearing branding clothing is a great thing to do in all aspects of your business, adopting it at exhibitions is especially important.

Exhibitions are great places to showcase your business and its talents to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of potential clients, so getting it right is essential.

Why you should have branded clothing at an exhibition

People will trust your brand

Businesses with consistent and well-executed branded workwear appear more trustworthy to clients than those who do not. At exhibitions, there are a plethora of businesses around and, in order for yours to stand out and appear to be trustworthy, you need to focus on your appearance – branded workwear is one surefire way to go about this.

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It will get you noticed at the event

Even when you and your team are walking around at the exhibition, your branded clothing will get noticed by others and may even lead them to come to your stall later on.

On this, we spoke to Stitch Embroidery who said: “When you’re at the exhibition, ensure that the entirety of your team is wearing your branded clothing. Even when you’re visiting other stalls, your brand will be noticed and you’ll be easily recognisable when you’re at your stall.”

“Another great technique to get your brand noticed is to give out branded clothing at the exhibition – this could be through a giveaway competition or giving them out to potential clients. This will ensure that people at the exhibition remember your business.”

How to get branded clothing right

Consistency is key

It should go without saying that your branded clothing needs to be consistent with the rest of your branding. Because of this, you’ll need to have the same colours, fonts, and logos on your branded workwear that the rest of your brand has for consistency and so that your brand is as easily recognisable as possible.

On a similar note, you should try to stick with the same branded workwear for as long as possible once you have established it. Continuously changing the appearance of your brand will make your business appear to be untrustworthy.

Ask your employees for their opinions

As your employees will be wearing the branded clothing, it’s important that you ask for their opinions before you purchase it. Not only will your employees feel valued if you ask for their opinions, they will also probably bring up some points which you may have overlooked.

Be mindful of the tasks which they will have to complete at the exhibition: comfort is crucial when it comes to workwear so making sure that their workwear doesn’t chafe or is uncomfortable in any way as this will make for very unhappy staff.

If you’re unsure about what sort workwear will work for you and your team, check out this post.

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