Applying for the Dental Office Manager Position

One of the most highly competitive dental jobs at the moment is the Dental Office Manager position. Because of the number of candidates who apply for each position, it is vitally important for you as a candidate to stand out from the crowd and really put your resume top of the pile. To maximize your chances of succeeding in applying for the vacancy, you should work towards the following characteristics.

Multi-Tasking Capabilities

This is one of the key characteristics that the successful applicant must possess. The Dental Office Manager must be in total command of several different tasks at the same time. For example, they may have to answer the office phone whilst dealing with a billing issue or speaking with a patient. The Dental Office Manager must remain cool and calm under pressure. When the number of simultaneous tasks becomes too much, the Dental Office Managermust delegate tasks to other employees and ensure the tasks are completed satisfactorily.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

On entering the dental office, a patient is often quite pensive and nervous. As you can probably appreciate, a visit to the dentist can be a nerve wracking time for a sizeable number of patients. The Dental Office Manager is often one of the first people that a patient sees when entering the dental office, therefore it is up to the Dental Office Manager to make the patient welcome and ensure they feel at ease prior to their appointment. Patient retention is key to the long-term survival of the dental office, so if the Dental Office Manager can keep the patients happy before and after their treatment, this will go a long way to cementing an excellent relationship with the patient.

When an elderly person enters the dental office, it is important to be especially nice to these people, as some older people can be quite vulnerable. If you behave in a tactful and friendly manner, this will be appreciated by the seniors.

Marketing Skills

It is important for the Dental Office Manager to have a secure and up-to-date knowledge of the latest advertising techniques for marketing the dental office. Often, the Dental Office Manager will oversee a budget, and this budget must be spent wisely to maximize the investment of time and money to attract new patients to the practice.

For example, for attracting new patients to sign up to the dental office, the Dental Office Manager may have to create an online advertising campaign. This is the process of creating adverts in your local area for web visitors to click on if they are searching for a dentist in their area. Online advertising is of course crucial, but offline advertising should not be overlooked.

These are just some of the qualities of a successful Dental Office Manager. For more information, head over to for the latest Dental Office Manager vacancies.

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