Environmental enhancement project: corporate mission to shut down the nickel plant

On June in year 2016, the roasting and melting shops of the nickel plant are stopped. The closure project of the nickel plant is regarded great step for Norilsk facilities production reconfiguration with the achievement of large scale environment oriented program. With annual sulfur dioxide, nickel plant being oldest asset of company emissions the amounting to 380 thousand tons. The Norilsk managements had made choice for the construction of new facility for Sulphur dioxide capture at the Nadezhda plant.

Shutdown of the obsolete capabilities in October: Nickel plant

With the staged shutdown of the nickel plant at the same time Nadezhda Mettaurical plant was managed to be prepared bulk nickel containing feed with processing. On the 10 of June, sinter plant was stopped including all the pyro-metallurgical facilities. This comprehensive project implementation considerably allows improving environmental situation and projects to modify production chain in Norilsk.

Project and its unique terms

This project is like run in conjunction in its unique terms of environmental impact with the government delivered and brought the social guarantees to the staff. At the nickel plant, approximately 2500 those of employed will benefit from the revolutionary corporate program. The company confirms that by idling of nickel plant metal production capacity refined in total will be unaffected similar to production facilities at NN Harjavalta and Kola MMC are expanded and modernized correspondingly.

Sustainable business development

During the determination of the strategies for its future developments and global operations, the Nornickel is fully focused on compliance with environmental and social responsibility principles in different countries in which it is operated. This project is important for ensuring efficient and sustainable business development. A one of the kind experience the shutdown of the nickel plant was lauded by the experts looking from the social, environmental and technical perspectives as the year’s greatest milestone according to the Russian industry practice.

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