Event Marketing: Before, During and After Event

GWC Valves USA is a large organization that specializes in serving big billion dollar industries for their efficient and heavy machinery valves. Lately the company has been doing teasers of a new valve they are about to introduce into the market that is completely unique material wise and is more sustainable and makes less pollution during the production of this valve. Before the event they have been using traditional media to market it such as free online media like community calendars, and they have been sending meaningful releases.

On the day of the event, it is important to coordinate the communication and see who will be responsible for what that day, who will give the contact information for site manager, maintenance, the caterer etc., and how is the team going to communicate the day of the big event? It is also important that everybody who is hosting the event coordinates their wardrobe depending on the theme they have chosen for the event as well.

After the big event and product launch reveal, the GWC Valves USA team should do some reflective blog posts and talk about what they have learned, ask for comments on what they could’ve improved on, and post something across all their social medias. They should have a thank you message on their website, send an email blast to all the guests who attended and send a link to a highlight video of the event. When you are marketing after the event, you need to do some photo tagging and encourage attendees to tag themselves in photos so they are shared with their connections from the event, use Slideshare and ask presenters for permission to post slides on Slideshare and to use appropriate tags and links.

Finally when the event day is done and you have followed-up with all of your guests, keep everything you have done organized for the next event party you will be hosting and collect the results for further events as well.

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