FB Ads vs Instagram Ads: What You Need to Know

There are a lot of marketers who are aware now that social media can make a huge difference with the brands that they are promoting. There are different marketers who launch campaigns on Facebook and on Instagram.

There are some marketers who would like to focus on just one social media website. They can become confused about which one they would choose. Instagram Stories and Facebook Ads have their own advantages and disadvantages that can help people in making the right choice.

There was a time when Facebook was considered to be the social media website that people visit the most. It is still the social media website with a wide number of users but Instagram has started to become more popular especially to people who love seeing amazing images and content.

Your Objectives

In order to choose which one is better for you, you need to think about what your objectives are. What platform will bring in more revenue for you? This can be the question that you will ask if you are concerned about your sales and revenue.

Your objectives may fall under the following categories:

  • Reach
  • Engagement with Target Audience
  • Demographics

Let’s Talk About Social Media Reach

This may not seem important in the beginning but you should realize that in order to make people become more familiar with your brand, you need to make sure that you will be able to reach them through the social media website that you pick. There are millions of people who are active on Instagram every day. It will not be a surprise if, through proper promotion, they will discover your profile. This may come with newer features that will allow your page to be easier to reach by the other followers of someone who has followed you.

Facebook is obviously one of the pioneers in offering social media services. It constantly upgrades and updates in order to keep up with the changing times. There are a billion people who check their Facebook account every month so the chances that you will be noticed will not be bleak at all.

If you just want your brand to become visible and you are not targeting a specific audience, Facebook may be the best option for you right now. For targeted promotions, Instagram can be a better option.

Possible Engagement with Target Audience

Are you wondering why there are a lot of brands who have Instagram profiles? The answer to this is simple: it allows them to engage with their target audience more. There are a lot of Instagram users who follow more than one business page because they are interested in what the page can offer.

There are a lot of Instagram users who have clicked on the link on people’s bio in order to check the content that can be offered by the page. Some have gotten directions, checked out reviews, and so much more through Instagram. Instagram also makes it easier for people to contact the company if they have some inquiries about the products and services that are being offered.

With Facebook, you can definitely use Facebook ads that will allow your ad to be displayed when people are browsing through their timeline. This will help you become very specific about the type of engagement that you want from the users of Facebook. Proper use of Facebook ads will definitely improve your reach.

Taking Note of Demographics

This is not something that you can just disregard especially if you would like to target a group of people in particular. If you are selling items that are more interesting to males, you are better off choosing Facebook over Instagram. It seems that most users on Instagram are females. If you would run an advertisement that does not appeal to them, you can expect that they will not click on it or even visit your profile.

Another study shows that Instagram may be used more by young adults namely those who are from 28 to 29 years old. If the products that are being sold by your brand are not meant for that age group, you are better off using Facebook. Take note that Facebook also has more female users as compared to male users but there are more males on Facebook as compared to Instagram.

Running Your Ads on Both Platforms

One of the best things that you can do is to research first. You have to make sure that the advertisements will not be wasted on both platforms or you would only end up spending money on advertisements that will not help your brand.

If you have the money for it and you believe that you need to reach more people through both platforms, think about an ad that can be used for both. The more cohesive and uniform your advertisements are, the more that people will remember your brand and what you can provide.

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