Fridge trailers and mobile freezer hire checklist

When you hire a fridge trailer or mobile freezer there are several points which should be looked in to before completing the transaction.

The answers shown below are generalised so please do your research because not all mobile fridge providers offer top rated services.

To ensure that yours does it’s best to check online reviews from previous customers so that you have confidence.

Where can fridge trailers be used?

  • School events.
  • Halloween and bonfire night celebrations.
  • Christmas parties.
  • Anniversary/birthday parties.
  • Country shows.
  • Outdoor theater/pantomimes.

Can you drive your own vehicle and tow the trailer?

The majority of firms deliver the fridge trailers to the required destination. This offers a complete and convenient service.

The firm, for example Icecool Trailers in Berkshire, one of the leading fridge trailer hire firms, ensures that the equipment is in the right position, powered correctly, working efficiently and that shelving is as a client needs it.

This takes a lot of stress and additional work from the client. The other benefit is that petrol and transportation costs are not incurred by the user.

Do you need to obtain insurance for your hired unit?

Most hire units are lockable and the client will be issued with one or two keys.

The fridge trailer or mobile freezer will be insured by the service provider but any items that are placed inside it will not be insured unless a client takes out insurance for their stock.

Please take the precaution of having insurance in place, it may seem like an unnecessary expense but it’s best to be proactive about protection.

Can you store ice in a fridge trailer or cold room?

Ice, many believe, can only be stored in a mobile freezer because it would thaw out too quickly in a fridge trailer but actually this is not the case.

Whilst ice won’t last indefinitely in fridge trailers it will take several hours to thaw so if a function is just one day it could be that a mobile freezer plus fridge trailers services won’t be needed.

It’s recommended that you explain your exact needs to the provider so they can work out the best solution for you.

Which is better – van hire or fridge trailers?

This is an easy question! A fridge trailer is normally less expensive and time consuming than van hire.

Competition has made fridge trailers hugely cost effective. Simply by hiring a facility and not a vehicle the expenditure is slashed.

There are no fuel costs or travel logistics to be managed by the client when fridge trailers or mobile freezers are hired.

The fridge trailers are regularly serviced and maintained so that maximum efficiency and value for money are achieved.

How long can a hire period last?

Optimum flexibility is part of the package with most firms. The hire period can last for days, weeks, perhaps months, whatever is wished.

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