Gender: The changing roles in work as well as entertainment

The age-old battle of sexes – Men are from Mars and women are from Venus has stereotyped most of the domains in our daily lives. Yes, these gender stereotypes can be witnessed even in our houses. 

Albeit, one may argue that in the modern world, and gender neutrality is more than just a protest. Indeed, the salaries are leveling out as is the work field or for that matter even life roles. This gender fluidity can be seen everywhere. Everywhere the millennials are proselytizing this coming together of the sexes. 

No doubt though, sports, betting, are a few of the domains, which continue to be largely defined by the male dominion. And probably only after a few more decades, we can expect ‘what’s below your waist’ to subside the speculations around the roulette table. Does gender only influence the opinions or also the way one plays? Do only men bring home the bacon for an online gaming experience or the women also now willing to risk it? 

Well, if we go down the history lane, we will see that the women are no strangers to this adrenaline rush.  Though, in England, during the 18th century, the aristocratic women wouldn’t indulge in gaming and occupied their time with dignified entertainment like the opera, or theatre. While men, wholeheartedly immersed themselves into cards, dice or cock-fighting. But women wanted their share and secret tables of faro started to run from homes of few distinguished ladies. In fact, Monte Bank and lansquenet are the descendants of the 17th-century card game, Faro. And yes, the ladies were levied upon a fine of £50 for their so-called ‘moral kinship with the lower classes’. 

Today the scent of testosterone is though strong at the blackjack tables for some secret clubs that may not allow women. But times have changed for the online casinos and with equal opportunities, women may wager, win and lose – yes, as they like. Context is critical while studying gender-based behavior in gambling. One cannot negate the equality contest which underpins the struggle in this man’s world. Yes, the bias of men being the bread-winners and the risk-takers with women being the homemakers, conventional prejudice is becoming subjective. With changing times, while the men have an affinity for sports betting, women like bingo (click here for more information). And yes, the playing field in this context is getting more even with the changing times. The XX chromosome is indeed recently coming to the tables! Thus making the casino floor experience equal money from both the genders

Correspondingly, another study revealed that between 2009 and 2017 nearly one-quarter of the new jobs such as CEOs, surgeons, lawyers, chemists, and web developers, or even producers, which are typically male-dominated occupations, were filled by women. That is, females are today moving into roles dominated by the men and overall 23 percent of such jobs are with women today. 

This shift is evident across all the domains, be it work or entertainment. And this integration is necessary for a blossoming life in the changing times.

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