Haim Toledano: Biotechnology and How It’s Changing the World

Biotechnology is amazing. It uses living organisms in order to make products. These products can be in a wide variety of categories from medical, to nutritional, to environmentally friendly cleaners. It can also save us from toxic environmental issues as well. Haim Toledano explains that these are literally going to be used to change the world, and hopefully save it from what we humans are doing to it with pollution.

What Will the Future Look Like?

It really depends on which way they go first with biotech and how they are utilizing it in the world. For example, if they use it for medical cases, such as cancers, and infectious diseases, they could be eradicated or even cured. If diseases are cured society would have to change from a medical necessity state to a medically healthy one, where they help keep people on the right track.

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Medically you can also look at different uses of cells such as stem cells and the regrowth of organs from a person’s own DNA, which would significantly reduce rejection rates. This precision, personally tailored medical data, where they are aware of any issues that you have and can treat them based on your own specific DNA. This could be the future of medical care, and it would be a great place to live.

If they use it for agriculture (GMO’s to an extent but not ones that are harmful, there is a whole debate about that) they may be able to prevent the use of chemicals, but safely without affecting the organic nature of plants. It could be used for fuel instead of gas, which would mean less pollution if we never went the round of electricity, but could also be used as home heating fuel. If we are utilizing biomass, it’s renewable (and better for the environment) other than fossil fuels.

There are Still Valid Questions That Need to be Considered

Even though this will improve the quality of life once biotech is fully up and running, there are still questions that need to be asked beforehand. Ethics is a huge topic when it comes to biotechnology because we are using live organisms, and if you are doing something like growing an organ, there comes the ethical component of that since the human is essentially the test subject. They are also manipulating human embryos, and potentially using animal testing. And while everything is being regulated under the EPA, there are still considerations that need to be looked at. Different countries have different viewpoints on how to look at biotech. Plus different regions have different needs. Areas with extensive sunlight might want to consider using biotech to reduce melanoma cases. Another might want to develop something that prevents frostbite or hypothermia. There are so many applications that you could run into ethical roadblocks before moving forward. Hopefully society is on board with what is happening because the way I see it, the world needs to change, we are slowly killing it.

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  1. zoe ball
    November 17, 2017 at 10:07 am - Reply

    As usual i have to agree with Haim Toledano the world is changing so dramatically at the moment and the future is all about Bio Technology and Drugs….. Great article….

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