Haim Toledano: The Most Dominant Fintech Companies in the Market

Lots of companies are now investing in Fintech to keep up with customer demands for speed, efficiency and all by cutting out the bank as themiddleman. With so many companies investing it can be difficult to know who is best to place your bets with to make profit. For this purpose, we invited Haim Toledano, a Fintech expert, to speculate on which projects are likely to grow immensely over the next few years.

  1. Digital Assets Holdings

Digital Assets Holdings allow traders to exchange their stocks in less than a second, however there is a delay of a couple of days for the money to reach the markets of Wall Street. As a result of this the company is looking to use the same technology as Bitcoin to speed up the process, which means that there is major growthpotential,and is great news for investors.

  1. Kensho

Kensho is like the ‘Siri’ for Wall Street using special software for the data analysis of upcoming events that can help to answer the questions that traders have before investing. By throwing out predictions at a fast rate, the marketing strategies currently used are going to change over coming years. Investment bankers are already worried that this technology is going to put them out of a job because of its speed and efficiency blowing theirs out of the water. Not great news for bankers, but great news for investors looking for the potential to raise their capital.

  1. SoFi

With so many people turning to online lenders in a time of desperation, the platforms behind the fast approvals:SoFi is the next big thing to invest in. The loans it offers are mainly sourced from hedge funds for which the company has been highly scrutinised over; but as they have a rate that is lower than rivals it attracts more customers, making it a safe bet for investments and gains over the next few years.

  1. Stripe

Customers and companies love the speed of being able to make fast transactions in a matter of minutes. Stripe is one of the main platforms that allows for this improvement. Although they are not yet trading globally that is their intention over the next few years and with PayPal having pulled out of countries like Turkey; Stripe is set to swoop in and take its place.

  1. Ripple

Payment processing is always improving, rather than taking days or weeks for money to be sent globally the same transactions can now be done within a matter of minutes. Ripple is a company that specialises in cross-border transactions and has already had its protocols tested out by numerous banks. Being a third cheaper than the transaction charges banks currently offer, they are able to compete not only by being faster but also as a money saving alternative that has already gained a lot of interest. The founder is also the person that is responsible for P2P prosper lending, so their future is looking profitable for investors as well.

By following the predicted leaders and investing in their causes could help investors to save and earn money all at the same time. No wonder the above leaders are already attracting a lot of attention.

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  1. Dan Fridman
    April 26, 2017 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    It is about time we start using technology that way. People are always open for new inventions when it comes to their daily lives not only because it takes less time than usual, but because it is way easier. Awesome to see people like Haim toledano who are willing to take risks when it comes to investing huge amount of money on new technology projects.

  2. Angela holt
    May 12, 2017 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    There are so many benefits of these fintech companies mentioned. It’s easier, saves time and definitely more effective. I think the most effective one out of all the 5 companies mentioned is definitely “Ripple” and that’s because people are looking for new ways to transfer money in the faster way. Looking forward for more companies to take over. Thank you, Haim Toledano for inlighting our eyes on this!

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