HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Cloud and mobile technologies are spiraling upwards and the demand for software development is seeking to keep pace. Secure apps raise credibility in the software industry but the increasing demand for apps make developers hasten through the process of security testing, bringing about a decline in secure development practices. Effective finding and fixing of application vulnerabilities thus take a back seat.

The percentage increase in the number of vulnerabilities in a tested application, rising mobile application vulnerabilities and the fact that almost all tested applications had serious security vulnerabilities clearly showed that security testing was not thorough. With static code analysis, penetration testing and security testing becoming mandatory for deployment of code in the market, static analysis tools started gaining in popularity.

Finding security flaws during development, assessing the security of software faster and fixing vulnerabilities is the key to secure coding best practices and hence a holistic approach to software security is needed. HP has joined hands with analysis vendor Fortify to get the benefits of dynamic and static code analysis.

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The HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) does just that- it improves scan performance with greater accuracy, augurs faster vulnerability detection and faster resolution of issues. The analyzer looks for patterns that are capable of causing the security vulnerability. HP Fortify SCA has 6 analyzers and each of them caters to a different type of vulnerability.

Features of the HP Fortify SCA

  • Ten times faster scans allowed organizations to assess software faster and better
  • creation of security intelligence reports helps resolve high-priority vulnerabilities faster
  • Frequent security testing through full application scanning reduces app development time
  • powers faster produce more accurate app security assessments

It’s not easy to develop truly secure code- that’s why tools that detect flaws have become an integral part of building quality code. Tools like HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer automatically checks the entire code to unearth security flaws that may have been missed in the manual checking process. The beauty of the SCA is that it reviews and checks code without actual execution.

With the emergence of HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer on the security arena, developers could heave a sigh of relief. They didn’t have to become experts in security vulnerabilities but just needed to use the automated tool to get their app quickly into the market.

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