Learn How to Handle Pallets in Your Storage Trailers

Storage trailers work great to haul your goods and take them from one place to another in a safe and secure way. However, you need to educate yourself a bit about how to load your items onto the trailer. You have to consider the type of items you want to store along with their weight. The height matters as well. With all these considerations, you will be able to store items in a more systematic manner, while making sure that they are not damaged during shipping.

You certainly need to be careful when loading the trailer, but you have to proceed carefully when you are dealing with pallets. Knowledge about how many pallets will go into a storage trailer will help handle things better. While it depends on how much room you have available, many other factors also play a role. For instance:

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  • Consider the type of pallet you are going to use. You will be able to use fewer pallets depending on their types. The size and capacities vary a lot between pallets. The space available in European pallet may not be available your standard pallet. Similarly, whether you use Block or Stringer will also have an impact on how many pallets can be hauled in a storage trailer.
  • Consider the pallet perimeter at the time of packaging. One common mistake people make is that they extent their items beyond the pallet sides. This is not a great thing to do, as it negatively affects the efficiency of your pallets as well as storage space. A good idea is to place the items on the pallets and have them wrapped in plastic. This will help provide added stability and keep your pallets from getting damaged during shipping.
  • Get clear information about your shipping specifications. You need to have information about the material as well because this will help you select a right trailer for your freight. An important thing to bear in mind is that you may find that there is more space available in the container, but you may have already reached the weight limit. Therefore, it is important to have clear information about how heavy your shipment is going to be. Also, bear in mind that weight can significantly reduce the number of pallets you can load in storage trailers. Be sure to know your road weight and load limits before loading the trailer.
  • Get complete information about the loading and unloading requirements of your client. This is important to avoid dealing with any trouble on the other end of shipping. Depending on the requirements of your client, you may end up loading fewer pallets on your storage trailer. Before going any further, be sure to know if your products can be tiered. You should also ask your clients or recipients about any specific loading and unloading requirements they have.

So, keep in mind that storage trailers certainly help move goods in a secure way, but you need to load it with care. Talk to your recipient, know your local road laws, and then use pallets to haul goods.

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