Most useful features an ID card should have

An ID card is a handy tool in all kinds of situations. They are used in business, recreational activities, academic settings and any other activity that involves meeting people. You can get the most out of ID cards if you consider the following characteristics. Remember, sometimes less is more.

  1. Clear front facing picture

One of the most important features an ID card should have is a picture of the person that wears it. This is the most immediate way for others to notice that the ID card belongs to this person. A clear front facing picture is a standard feature on a lot of ID cards. Depending on the context they are used, photos on ID cards can:

-Help others trust you more:

Sometimes, being part of a company brings some responsibilities, such as sending out a message of collective commitment to the company. Appearing in group photos is often as important as wearing a uniform. In corporate ID cards, people are often featured in uniform or with work clothes, and this sends out the message that you are part of something bigger than you.

Additionally, showing who you are at all times is a way of telling people that you trust them too. This can be expected when someone meets a security guard or is inspected by one.

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-Ease socialization and helps encourage it:

Having a visible photo on your ID card fosters trust during organized social events, especially business-related ones. People instantly recognize that the bearer matches the picture and then an honest conversation can start.

  1. Legible font

Some may argue that this is one of the most important features an ID card can have. People should be able to read the information of an ID card easily.

Sometimes, depending on the situation, font varies in size and color. In formal situations, the font should not be more significant than necessary and including crucial information should be prioritized. Color is also important because some colors fit better than others in some ID cards designs. A dark font color over a much clearer background is preferred.

Last but not least, people should consider font design. Sometimes people use silly font styles such as Comic Sans MS because they think they look hip or cool. This often can be perceived as non-professional by others. The best is to use a conservative font design that is also legible.

  1. Electronic chip

Sometimes ID cards are used as key cards. Key cards have a handy electronic chip inside of them. This chip activates a designated lock and can be used from a distance. People don’t need to stick their ID cards very close to the lock to open it.

Keycard ID cards can speed up the process involved in entering or exiting buildings. In certain facilities, they are also used because they allow more control over security. Every keycard lock is sometimes connected to a central system so logs can be stored and access can be controlled acutely.

  1. Colorful and custom lanyard

A lanyard is a piece of thread that holds the ID card so it can be worn hanging on the neck. They sometimes are designed in bright colors and feature the organization’s logo. Lanyards are very useful because they allow ID card bearers have their ID cards showing at all times.

  1. Magnetic band

A magnetic band can be helpful in many ways. They can be used to make an ID card a paying tool. Sometimes facilities use an internal paying system based on credits so that people pay for services or use special privileges inside of them without the need of money.

Sometimes magnetic bands can serve to open doors, such as electronic chips, but they are often slower.

  1. Barcode

Barcodes can be very useful in ID cards. A traditional barcode can be used to display a person’s information quickly on a visual display unit. QR codes, another form of barcodes, can be scanned with a Smartphone and link to a website automatically. Barcodes are sometimes used as business cards themselves. They put them on the back of ID cards so that others can scan them and get that information instantly.

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