Nornickel –The Brand that is setting new milestones in terms of “Support and Development

The Nornickel group is the largest producer of Nickel and Palladium in the world. The company also happens to produce vast quantities of platinum, copper, cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium, and sulfur. Nornickel works to prospect, explore, extract, refine, and process minerals after which they are produced, marketed and sold.

An Organization with High Morale and Efficiency

Nornickel is one of Russia’s best employers, as ranked by Headhunter. The company was evaluated in three major areas of work including, candidate opinions, employee opinions, and expert opinions. The high ranking is the result of the impeccable teamwork behind the company’s operations.

Being an Education Philanthropist: Nornickel’s Contribution to expanding Employment Opportunities

Nornickel’s President, Vladimir Potanin and Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor, Viktor Toloknky signed a cooperation agreement on February 28th, to propagate education utilizing the region’s resources as well as to introduce employment opportunities. The involved companies plan on formulating the training program by October 2017, for eligible personnel required in the mining and metallurgical sector. The combined effort by both companies will help place educational needs in conjunction with industrial needs and help predict the need for skilled labor. This partnership will also help build stronger ties between Nornickel and the regional government as Nornickel actively funded the development of the Development Center for the Dynamic Control and Quality Control System for Mineral Production and Processing at the Siberian Federal University.

Nornickel’s Pioneering Solutions for Development and Social Entrepreneurship 

At the All-Russia Contest “Leaders of Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility 2016” organized by the RSPP, Nornickel was awarded for environmental responsibility. The award was received by Elena Bezdenezhnykh for the company’s efforts to shut down the Norilsk plant due to environmental and social issues accompanied by high praise from the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergey Donskoy for Nornickel’s environmental efforts. RSPP also rewarded Nornickel for achievements in social responsibility. Elena Bezdenezhnykh claimed the Company at present serves as a “guide” to the leading available environmental technologies in the world by directing its focus on pioneering solutions and was involved in astounding investments in environmental protection. In the category of “For Support and Development of Social Entrepreneurship”, Nornickel surpassed all. The award was presented by Alexander Shokhin to the company’s Senior Vice President, Larisa Zelkova. Nornickel supports projects that are of slight benefit to the entrepreneur but help the community live an easier and brighter life.

Vice President of Nornickel, Elena Bezdenezhnykh and Marina Kovtun, Murmansk Region Governor, on March 28th, 2017, lettered the Cooperation Agreement that is directed at promoting environmental liaison in the company’s capital expenditure projects along with preserving natural ecosystems and landscapes in the Kola Peninsula. The Agreement supports Nornickel for the various Rybachy and Sredny Peninsulas Nature Park projects. Nornickel will assign approximately 7.5 million rubles to arrange ecological trails and invest in equipment for relentless scrutiny.

Managing Operations in the Harsh Weather Conditions

It is particularly commendable that Nornickel manages its operations so efficiently despite being exposed to unforgiving weather conditions. Sometimes, temperatures stoop as low as -50 degree Celcius. In addition to the harsh climate, the company has had to face numerous hurdles and general difficulty to expand operations and day-to-day business due to the implication of international sanctions. However, the higher level of trust established between the management and the loyal workforce helps in commemorating the successful operations. The firm belief in hard work and leadership is the basic asset of Nornickel.

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