Signature Series Livery Revealed for Brabham BT62

The unveiling of the BT62 served to celebrate not only the past and the legacy of the Brabham name but also to pave the way for its road ahead. Offered at a base price of £1 million excluding taxes and options, the track car’s production is going to be limited to only seventy cars. The number is significant since it is to recognise the seventy years of heritage of the Brabham name. In line with this, customers will be given the option to either choose the Signature or the Celebration series.

Thirty-five of the seventy cars will be liveried under the Celebration series. Each of these vehicles will pay tribute to the Grand Prix victories that Brabham achieved- thirty-five on total- over the thirty years that it has reigned in Formula 1. Every car will be presented to honour a specific win and will be equipped with not just the number but also the colours of the winning car.

During the London reveal in May, the car presented celebrates the most important victory in the illustrious legacy that Brabham carved out. BT62/03, Chassis number 3 is in celebration of the third Grand Prix victory that Sir Jack Brabham secured back in 1966 on board the BT19 in 1966. This was where he made history by becoming the first and the only driver to have secured a Championship in Formula 1 on board a car that he constructed.

The BT62’s interiors boast exquisite attention to detail. Each of the cars in the celebration series will have a commemorative plaque that will be mounted on its dashboard and these will detail the various unique moments in the Brabham history to which the car serves as a celebration of. The exterior of the vehicle snatched with its seat shell made of carbon fibre that is FIA-approved. These fantastic details of the cars in the Celebration series will truly represent and honour Brabham’s thirty-five victories.

Meanwhile, the thirty-five cars that will be under the Signature series will provide its owners with the chance to work with the company’s in-house designers in configuring an individual and unique car that will depict any moment of the brand’s remarkable history. They can even specify a car that will carry their preferred personal hallmark.

Among the options that will be made available to owners are the fibre pack in full visual carbon and additional seat shell in carbon fibre that can accommodate a passenger. There is also the choice to configure the racer, which is currently a track-only, into a right or a left-hand-drive. The mixed-reality technology from Microsoft is also going to be used to make it possible for owners to customise, configure, and visualise their own BT62. This will allow them to successfully follow the whole build process from order, delivery and beyond.

More than just a celebration of the former glories of the Brabham name, these exclusive cars will also carry distinctive design identifiers and cues that will also transfer to model variants in the future. This will clearly distinguish the brand’s marquee along with positioning the Brabham name while honouring its legacy and carry its winning footprint into the future. Keep updated with the latest developments in F1 racing by reading about Sir Jack Brabham online.

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