The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Insurance Leads Online

Insurance leads are pivotal to an agent’s success, where obtaining high quality leads in conjunction with an effective sales approach will lead to an increase in revenue by converting leads to sales. If this objective is fulfilled the agent can earn well, but the process of acquiring leads must also be given due care and attention.

The majority of articles about insurance lead providers are biased because they are written by people selling leads online, so it is difficult to understand whether buying insurance leads is recommended in your current situation. This article will provide a fair perspective on the pros and cons of buying leads online, and if you are inclined to buy leads online after reading this article, it is important to use the most reliable insurance lead providers on the market, whether you are seeking life insurance leads or home insurance leads. The presence of comparison sites has made this a real possibility, where there are multiple websites available that review some of the best insurance lead providers on the market to give you a balanced view of providers on the market, and from there you can gauge which is most suitable for you. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of buying insurance leads online.


When purchasing online, the insurance lead provider carries significant weight, where you are trusting his honesty above everything else. There is no way of knowing whether you’re receiving exclusive leads or not, even if they’re marketed as such, because the seller could easily resell leads if their greed interferes with trustworthy business. To combat this, choose reputable sellers and avoid sellers that have used large advertising budgets to lure you in.

Internet companies who offer ‘shared leads’ should be avoided at all costs, since these leads can be sold up to a dozen times, and it is common to be misled by lead sellers who can tell you something which is far from the truth. It is also important to remember that leads advertised as prospects may of been obtained by an overly pushy telemarketer, begging the question are they really a prospects?

The existence of checkbox leads on the market can dilute the quality of purchases, where these ‘leads’ have simply selected a checkbox on a survey or questionnaire. These will rarely be ready to buy from you, alongside ‘free leads’ and incredibly low price offers.


It is true that buying leads online saves significant time compared to traditional marketing methods, eliminating the need for cold calling and direct marketing methods. This makes the method preferable for most, and providing you choose a reputable lead provider, the quality of leads should be respectable enough to generate a promising conversion rate, which you can track to gauge your future marketing approach.

The great thing with buying leads online is if you fail the first time, you can reassess your marketing strategy and try again with a different provider. Though initial outlay may be expensive, this is likely to be worth it if you convert just one or two leads into sales and make up to $1000 in commission, and as long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations, online leads can be highly lucrative.

Shopping around is a great way to sign up for the best quality leads with low commitment and price, and with the correct searching techniques you can discover leads who are highly refined and relevant to your current situation, and most importantly are interested in the very product you’re selling.

Internet leads do not sell themselves, but they appear to be here to stay, and as quality control improves, users can get a high conversion rate from their leads, increasing their return on investment with a higher closing ratio. To achieve this, use the best possible companies to ensure purchasing high quality insurance leads serves as an answer to your problems.

Beware when you buy, and by making the right decisions you can earn well from buying insurance leads online. I hope you have found this article informative, and if you feel as if we’ve missed anything out, be sure to comment below to get the discussion going!

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