Things to Consider When Looking for an Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto accident lawyer is something that most people do not want to need; but it is an essential service if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in an auto accident.

Sadly, auto accidents occur every day and, although they are generally not your fault they can have life changing repercussions for you and the other parties involved.  The solution is to find a reputable and reliable auto accident lawyer before you need them.

Even if your injuries seem minor you should consult an auto accident lawyer to ensure you have the right representation and you receive a fair compensation deal.  If you are in the Toronto area of Canada then your first port of call should be Clarke Law.  They offer a first class service and will tick all of the following boxes:


The first thing to consider when selecting an auto accident lawyer is whether they have a good reputation or not.  If you have a friend or family member who has used a specific firm you will be able to gauge their service quality from what they have to say.

If this is not an option then you should look at the internet; in particular social media sites and auto accident forums.  These sites will be full of comments regarding a specific lawyer or firm and the service received.  Simply judge the overall trend of the comments and not the individual remarks.

Customer Service

The next step is to contact your local auto accident lawyer.  You will need to feel comfortable dealing with the lawyer and their team.  The best way to confirm this is to contact them for an appointment and visit for a free initial consultation.  This will allow you to gauge their response and the service you are likely to receive.


The cost of an auto accident lawyer will probably be foremost in your mind; especially if your accident has left you unable to work; even temporarily.  Fortunately most auto accident lawyers will provide you with a free consultation and will take your case on with a promise of ‘no win, no fee’.  This means that you will not pay them a penny unless they win your case.  Their costs will come from your compensation package.

Knowledge / Experience

It is advisable to confirm the qualifications, experience and the level of knowledge your potential auto accident lawyer has.  All lawyers should be fully regulated and licensed.  However, auto accidents are a specialized area of the law.  You will have more chance of winning your case if you are using a lawyer which has a vast amount of experience in dealing with such cases.

This is not to say that a keen, newly qualified lawyer will not also achieve an excellent result.  However, it is generally wiser to use a firm which has both sorts of lawyers; this will ensure you have the best of both worlds!

An auto accident lawyer will provide the assistance that most insurance companies promise but fail to deliver; it is worthwhile contacting them early to ensure you do everything you can to obtain fair compensation.

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