Tips for Buying Quality Business Leads

Buying leads is a controversial marketing strategy. This is due to the fact that a lot of companies abuse these marketing opportunities, spamming potential customers with aggressive marketing campaigns and low quality content. Furthermore, more than half of today’s lead providers offer low quality lead lists that contain either old and outdated information, or leads that have no interest in being approached. Things are even more challenging in the b2b world, where sales processes are more complex and it is increasingly difficult to develop relationships with potential buyers. An aggressive marketing campaign can even damage your company’s image. So, how can you make sure that you are buying quality business leads, without damaging your company’s image. Keep on reading as we have some tips for you that will guarantee your success.

Targeted lists are a must

Let’s assume, that you work in the IT industry, and your product is a CRM system. You might think that any business can be a potential customer, as any business requires a way to manage their customers. However, if you follow this rule, you might find yourself wasting a lot of time and money. Think about all the businesses that are too small to need or afford such a system. You don’t want to waste time with those businesses as they are very unlikely to convert. Moreover, some businesses might have specific needs that your product might not be able to satisfy. This is why you should find a lead provider that gives you plenty of lead information that allows you to target only the businesses that are most likely to convert. If you want our recommendation, you should choose SalesRipe. Their lead lists contain everything you need to know, from the number of employees, to the volume of sales and even technical preferences. Based on the software solutions that the company is currently using, you can decide whether or not your product would suit them.  

Always ask for a free trial

A lead provider can tell you that their lead lists contain everything that you could ever dream of, but you could never actually verify their promise without actually trying their business leads. So, you should never buy any lead list without first requesting a demo or a free trial. However, make sure that the trial includes leads that you can target. Otherwise, you might end up with 50 high quality free leads, and hundreds of expensive low quality leads. With a free trial, you should always have some sort of control over the leads that you are getting. For example, with SalesRipe, you have access to all the millions of leads that the company has, but you only pay for the leads that you choose to download into your CRM.

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