Uses of recycled oil

Recycling is one of the industries coming up as the world seeks a solution to the impact of climate change. One of the everyday items that has negative effects on the environment in its use and production is oil. It requires lots of energy to produce and has harmful effects during and after use.

Both cooking oil and fuel oils can be easily recycled and converted into environmentally friendly products. This helps prevent environmental pollution and other societal problems that arise from the haphazard disposal of these products.

Recycled oil has lots of uses. They include;

Use as a green fuel

Once motor oil has been recycled, it is then easily converted to green fuels. These are motor oils that are friendly to the environment.

They are used in vehicles and in other processes that require fuel to run. They reduce the lvels of harmful carbon emissions produced by regular oil that leads to harmful environmental and air pollution.

This green fuel is used in industrial boilers, energy efficient cars and in other scenarios that require fuel for their running.

As fertilizer

The used oil recycling process produces a myriad of products. Recycled oil can actually be used to produce agricultural fertilizer.

Through a specialized refining process, the recycled oil is processed into agricultural fertilizer. This fertilizer is also highly beneficial to the crops and the soil it falls into. It is rich in nitrogen and therefore enriches the soil and makes it more fertile and productive.

Animal feed

Once processed, used cooking oil can be easily processed into animal feed. For example, fish oil produced from cooking fish or cooking oil used to cook fish is used to produce animal feed with high protein levels for your animals. It is mixed with other ingredients of animal feed to ensure that your animals receive sufficient protein from the food they eat.

Lubrication oil

Recycled oil is also used to make lubrication oil. By blending with particular additional ingredients, it easily converted to a pure lubricant. In addition, this kind of oil can be used as transformer oil or as a hydraulic oil.

Fuel for manufacturers

The largest market for recycled oil is industries. Industries use these recycled oil products as fuel for their boilers and heaters. Industries prefer this used oil product as it is highly energy efficient and cheap to acquire. It leads to lowering the cost of their manufacturing process.

Used oil does not go bad and can always be reused as a fuel until it gets dirty.

In automotive shops

Car mechanics can also reuse used oil. Often, mechanics recycle oil bu using it as a lubricant for rusted parts on the cars that they are fixing. They also use it to make their work easier by applying it on nuts and bolts that will not unscrew quickly and easily.

Home solutions

During winter, if your car or house key is frozen in, you can dip your keys in used oil and it will quickly melt the ice in your key locks allowing you entry into your house or car. This is an innovative use for recycled oil in the home.

Recycled oil can also be used to light fires and heat your house in a ventilated heater to avoid fire accidents.

Used in the making of roads

Tar that is used to make roads is made from bitumen. A main ingredient for bitumen and bitumen based products is used oil. Once motor oil has been used, it becomes lighter and thus is easily mixed with other products to produce different products.


It is important that the world embraces recycling both of oil and of other products. Recycling has many benefits to the environment and to people. Recycled oil has the above uses and ensures that environmental pollution is reduced.

Used oil, both cooking oil and motor oil can be recycled and applied to many other different uses.

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