Vinyl Siding Dresses Your Home to Perfection

Vinyl siding has evolved by leaps and bounds since its debut in the late 1950’s. Back then it would lose its color if it sat in the sun for years. Today’s vinyl not only comes in many shapes and textures, it holds its color forever. A modern homeowner should take advantage of the budget minded vinyl siding and update their home. Shop for the right look of vinyl siding in Cincinnati for your home.

Textures and Looks for Vinyl Siding

• Stacked Stone
• Horizontal Panels
• Board & Batten
• Shakes
• Scallops
• Dutch Lap
• Beaded
• Vertical Panels
• Traditional Lap

Vinyl Siding Colors

With so many options, a homeowner could get almost any look for their home that they could imagine simply using vinyl siding. The look can be designed to your tastes as can be the color. Available colors change every year. The following colors are currently available: silver, tan, honey, amber, beige, wedge-wood, warm gray, cedar, sage, clay, slate, green, nautical, plum, red, iron, river rock and teal. These colors, of course, are in addition to the traditional white and off-white.

Vinyl Siding Prices

Vinyl siding without installation generally costs about $3.00 to $7.00 per square foot. With installation that cost goes up to about double the cost of the materials. To put siding on an average home usually runs around $9,663 but can be as little as $5,567 and as much as #13,891.

How Long Does it Take to Apply Vinyl Siding

New vinyl siding can stay in great shape for as much as 50 years. The process of installing vinyl siding takes from two to three days. Vertical and horizontal siding require less time than the more unique styles of vinyl siding, but they have to be locked into place an fastened properly and carefully cut to fit around windows, gables and fixtures. The fancier siding styles often require more time to fit properly and so the installation usually takes longer.

Buying the Best Vinyl Siding

To be sure you are buying the best vinyl siding for your home, look for thickness, hardness, a deep depth profile, a double hem for nailing, a lifetime warranty and a ASTM D6864, ASTM D7251 or a ASTM D7856 certification. Vinyl siding thickness range from .38 t0 .40″ (builder’s grade), .42″ (light residential grade), .44′ (standard residential grade) and .46″ (the best grade and the premium residential grade). The deeper the profile of the siding the more protection from the sum your home will get from the siding. A double hem will allow the siding to be firmly attached to your home, protecting it from high winds. A lifetime warranty is not standard, but the best siding comes with a longer warranty. Choose siding with at least a 25-year warranty. The certification guarantees your siding is colorfast and will not fade quickly when exposed to the sun.

Vinyl siding can add appeal and value to your home. Select the best quality and combination of textures to create a complementary look that fits into your neighborhood. Most of all enjoy your newly dressed home for many years.

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