What Are The Common Uses Of Engineering Polymers?

Plastics are everywhere nowadays. If you pick any modern product, it most likely one or two plastic parts. However, ordinary plastics are a bit too limited. This is where polymers engineering comes into play. With the right processes, plastics can be treated so that they can be tougher, more flexible, or have various other properties that make them useful for a variety of uses.

Here are some common products that use engineering polymers for their various properties.

Car Bumpers

A lot of people think that car bumpers are still metal. However, there’s nothing that beats plastic when it comes to being lightweight. This is why many engineers have come up with a super-strong plastic that can feel like it is a traditional car bumper – without the weight and the expense of metal.

LEGO Bricks

The same plastic that car manufacturers use to create car bumpers is used in popular children’s toys. One of them is the popular LEGO brand. Anyone who has had the displeasure of stepping on one of these bricks knows that they are tough and can handle a lot of pressure without breaking. Perfect for toys that are meant for the use of children.

Hair Dryers

Normal plastics melt at a low enough temperature that a lot of plastic products warn you that they should be kept away from the heat. However, there are engineering polymers that were designed to handle the heat. Ever notice that your hair dryer has a plastic casing? It doesn’t melt away when it is going full blast on you – which goes to show how heat-resistant this particular type of plastic is.

Microwaveable Containers

If you think that your hair dryer is heat-resistant, then look at your plastic microwaveable containers. These are meant to be used again and again in the microwave, which would expose them to a lot of extra heat. They are noticeably not melted down or destroyed – though there is a heat threshold when the containers do melt, they won’t melt in the microwave, which keeps your food safe and edible.


Plastics are notoriously non-conductive. Chemical engineers have taken this another step and have made them useful when it comes to electronics. You will notice that a lot of modern products like televisions and phones use modern plastics as part of their insulation to better operate.


The insulating properties of plastics do not just extend to electricity. Heat and cold need to be protected against and this has been translated into clothing. Polyesters are engineered plastic fibers that have been used to make clothing. They are surprisingly comfortable and are pretty durable when it comes to facing the elements.

Motorcycle Helmets

Clear plastic is also very useful when it comes to letting people see through them. This is why motorcycle helmets are usually made of the latest and most advanced polymers out there. They combine durability with comfort so that motorcycle riders will not balk on using them.

So Much More

Engineered polymers can be found everywhere and are a very lucrative product for those in the business.

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