Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Stages Of Addiction And Process of Treatment

Alcohol addiction or sometimes called alcoholism is considered as one of the most common forms of addiction in America. There are some people who use the term alcoholism and alcohol abuse interchangeably, but they are actually different. Alcoholism is a chronic disease where the body develops a dependency on alcohol which can lead to many destructive and sometimes deadly results.

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, is a behavioral trait where people consume copious amounts of alcohol at a given time without forming a dependency. Common signs of alcohol abuse are constant binge drinking and drinking to the point beyond intoxication. To better differentiate the two, alcohol addiction is a compulsive disease that requires alcohol addiction treatment while alcohol abuse is a behavior that can be controlled.

Signs and Stages of Alcohol Addiction

Here are some telltale signs you or a loved one is forming an addiction to alcohol:

– Alcohol obsession to the point drinking becomes compulsive

– Failing to limit and control alcohol consumption

– Inability to stop drinking after starting

– Regular binge drinking

– Shame in drinking leading to drinking in secret

– Alcohol tolerance which leads to increased consumption

– Experiencing blackouts

Aside from these signs and symptoms here are the stages of alcoholism that should convince you or your loved one you need some form of alcohol addiction treatment.

Stage 1: Alcoholism often starts when a person turns to alcohol for self-medication or as a way to get rid of negative feelings and thoughts.

Stage 2: An increase in tolerance is the next stage as a person will continuously drown themselves in alcohol.

Stage 3: Intense cravings will form earlier in the day (before 5pm) as an addict will crave for their fix to feel “normal”.

Stage 4: Relationships become affected as alcoholics will feel shame, but at the same time have trouble controlling themselves from consuming alcohol. They will lash out at loved ones and feel alienated as their dependency grows.

Stage 5: The final stage of alcoholism is when a person if fully consumed by their compulsion to drink. They may cut ties with family members, friends, and some even fall into bankruptcy as their addiction worsens.

Getting Treatment

Many alcoholics will try to control their addiction, but many who do not seek treatment relapse and return to their old ways. Enrolling into an alcohol addiction treatment program is the best way to conquer this disease. Here is a general description of the treatment process:

Detoxing is the first step towards getting clean. During this time an alcoholic must purge their bodies from all forms of substances.

Withdrawal is the hardest step because of the pain and the symptoms patients feel during this stage. Getting help from a professional is the best way to overcome this stage in recovery.

Therapy is offered during inpatient and outpatient programs. This is a way for an addict to share their experiences in a safe place.

Noticing the signs of alcoholism is the best way to prevent the addiction from forming. Keep a close eye on your habits and your loved ones as well.

Understanding more about alcohol addiction treatment will help you decide the best method of treatment for you or someone you love. Check out your options at

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