Why Does an Employer Need to Check Driver Licences?

If you have a new employee who is starting a driving job with your firm, whether it’s a large or small operation, as an employer you must take all necessary measures to ensure that the person who you have employed is permitted to drive, that if you have HGV’s that they can drive them and that health and safety and insurance are not compromised.

If your new recruit is to drive any of the following you will need to have a DVLA licence check carried out to be sure that it is validated:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • HGV lorries
  • Motorcycles
  • Coaches
  • Buses
  • Mini buses
  • 4×4’s

You may wonder an employer has to get a DVLA licence check. After all, the applicant seemed honest and they’re coming to you from another driving job. Their drivers licence may look fine, but is it?

The extremely worrying DVLA statistic that 1 in 300 licences checked with them are close to expiration or that the licence has been revoked means that taking a chance or indeed someone at their word could prove a very costly error. It constitutes negligence and criminal offences.

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The Department of Transport has calculated that over 17000 drivers take to the roads whilst banned and accrue a staggering 550000+ hours in transit. Don’t let your employees be within this group of offenders.

There is an unfortunate trend with drivers who have accrued several points on their real licence to produce a fake driving licence which, if left unchecked, allows the employee to drive without a current licence, renders insurance void and the firm has not been deemed to have carried out their responsibilities regarding their staff welfare and management.

Driving licence checking through professional DVLA affiliated companies like Fleet Licence Check in Oxfordshire is inexpensive, simple to order and offers real time results and peace of mind.

Validation of a licence shouldn’t be seen as a task to be postponed until an employer has time. It must be sought at the outset before the driver sits in a vehicle.

Whether your firm has a couple of drivers or hundreds across the country a basic through to comprehensive DVLA licence check report can be carried out by specialist licence checking firms.

The essential information which a driving licence check will provide is:

  • Points – Convictions and endorsements.
  • Expired or revoked licences.
  • Serious offences e.g. drink driving
  • Address issues e.g. non matching.
  • Expired photo cards (10 year renewal.) 
  • Category entitlement.

You might have heard of the DVLA’s View Driver Record facility but please note that if as a business owner or manager you use this for driving licence checking you are breaking the law.

Commercial enterprises could use Share My Driver Record but this is a time consuming occupation. It is much more efficient in time and funds to utilise the services of a driving licence checking expert.

Obtain quick peace of mind.

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