Why it is important for you to you take employers liability insurance?

If you are an employer then it is very important for you to know that you are bound with a law to insure your employees with Employers Liability Insurance. This insurance is important because employers are responsible for the safety as well as health of employees during the period of work. There may be chances that your employee gets injured at workplace or may fall ill then in that situation you might face a charge of compensation from your employer if they feel that his/her condition gets worse due to the irresponsibility of employer.

How to overcome from these charges?

In order to remain safe from these charges there are many countries where employers have to take at least lower level of insurances for the employees to cover themselves against such compensation claims.

This insurance will cover the cost of your employer injury as well as illness. Best part of this insurance is that it doesn’t matter where your employee falls sick whether it is off site or on site, employers are eligible to take this insurance irrespective of situation or place. But keep this in mind that this insurance will not cover the motor accidents. To provide them an insurance of motor accident, you need to take motor accident insurance separately.

In many countries, employer’s liability cover is compulsory but if your business is expanded over international places then it is not compulsory for you to provide this insurance to your abroad employees. But you can only do this if that country’s law does not make it compulsory for the employers.

Some the insurance companies impose some restriction about circumstances when they will pay the amount of compensation. That means they will cover only some specific activities or areas that are related or associated with your business. So, read and check the insurance and policy terms carefully before choosing one.

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