3 Important Benefits of SMS Marketing Services for Your Business

Businesses focus on multiple lead generation channels to reach customers and raise brand awareness. From e-mail to Facebook advertisements, multi-channel marketing offers your business exposure, and SMS Marketing is an essential component. Mobile devices open up a new opportunity for you to connect with your target audience reliably and effectively. With SMS or Text Marketing, you can reach your customers on the move and convey your time-critical messages or offers. Text Message Marketing is easy to implement and leads to an increased ROI. Your customers already spend a decent amount of time texting, which is why it’s an excellent way to build rapport with them. Here are the three most important benefits of including SMS Marketing in your strategy.

1. It’s a Personal yet Simple Way to Reach Customers.

Mobile devices are highly personal gadgets that ease our communication. Nobody cares to admit it, but it’s often the first thing we reach for in the morning. Your customers use them to communicate with their friends and family. Once you gain their permission and enter their inner circle, you will have an uncomplicated and intimate way to engage your clientele. It is also pretty simple to set up, track, and maintain. SMS marketing is permission-based, which allows you to gather specific data about your customers, such as demographics, purchases, and more.

2. It’s Highly Effective.

Text Marketing outperforms other channels, such as e-mail or Facebook. Text messages create a level of urgency that captures the attention of your customers. SMS marketing reaches your clients almost immediately with a read rate of an astounding 97% within 15 minutes of message delivery. When used in combination with other channels, it can speed your engagement rates even more efficiently.

3. SMS Marketing is Easy To Track.

There is a common misconception that text messages are an untrackable marketing channel. However, it is quite possible and easy to monitor and measure the performance of your SMS campaigns. With a reliable SMS platform, you can track ROI, identify customers, and gather valuable data.

SMS Marketing services are very beneficial for your business and help you grow and expand. With a trusted SMS Marketing provider like Textedly, you can engage your customers in a novel way and build an intimate, personalized relationship. From efficiency to ease of use, text messages check all the boxes of a valuable mobile marketing strategy. Textedly can help you implement this new marketing channel and reach your customers in a targeted, efficient manner.

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