The expertise of employee rights lawyers

Employment law is a law regarding legal issues in the workplace. It was invented to protect an individual employee or a group of workers from injustice, to promote safety to workers, and to standardize the basic work systems in employment. When any of this is broken, An attorney rights lawyer may be appointed to represent the employee. Let’s find out what is some of the main expertise of employee rights attorneys.

Representing Employees

1) sexual harassment

This is one of those issues we always hear about in the working field. Whether it’s men or women there is always sexual harassment towards them by the employer or other employee. Usually, the other party will deny a better opportunity to you because you refused advances to them. This may make you exhausted both mentally and physically. Lawyers will fight this type of harassment and punish the involved parties.

2) Whistleblowers

Sometimes our good deeds become our biggest enemy. When we try to report some wrong acts or stand up for yourselves we will be discriminated or a hostile environment will ensue. in a worst-case scenario, you might even get terminated. If these things happen a lawyer will fight your case and get the compensation you need for all your hard times and even get your work back.

3) Unpaid wages

Wages are the main part of us working and if it is denied you can appoint a lawyer to fight this case. Some of them are salary, commission, and overtime pay which are included but not limited to. Under the law, if you are denied all this for the work you have done, employers can be penalized under civil or criminal penalties.

4) Gender, age, and race discrimination

Sometimes older age people, females, and some other races get discriminated against. Some of the actions are like giving more freedom to males, giving more wages to males, giving more opportunities to males, terminating to give way to younger people, giving promotion to younger people although you deserve it, and getting divided and discriminated against due to being in a certain race. All this can lead to physical and emotional torture which you can appoint a lawyer to fight against and get the deserved justice.

5) Breach of contract and agreement

If you have proof of contract binding and the employer disobey it, for example, wrongful termination or salary deduction then you can file a complaint against them and a lawyer will help you to win the case in court and even get back your job.

Representing Employer

These might seem odd most of the employers are also employees of a bigger organization. So they are vulnerable to injustice like a common employee too. So a lawyer can represent them to fight against these bigger organizations. A lawyer also will be responsible to educate the employers about employee rights and labor law so that they will not make any mistakes.

Employers have money and also resources like insurance to cover them in case of any legal issues but employees do not. To fight injustice they need to have a lawyer to represent them. If you are around Los Angeles and you need a strong and reliable employee rights attorney to defend you then visit this site They are the best firm you can appoint in Los Angeles for all your employment laws.

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